Our Journey is Your Journey

At 30,000 Ft. Wealth Management, we take pride in introducing you to our unique 30,000 Ft. advisory process – a comprehensive seven-meeting journey designed to empower both new and existing clients alike.

With unwavering care and attention, we aim to instill confidence in your financial plan and maintain a steadfast relationship between you and your dedicated advisor.

What is 30,000 Ft?

We take you high enough to see that big picture

At 30,000 Ft. Wealth Management, we challenge convention, think creatively, and prioritize meaningful relationships, providing attentive care and unwavering support. Our goal is your utmost satisfaction as we guide you towards your goals.
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What We Do

Customized Financial Solutions

We offer a diverse range of financial solutions to empower you on your financial journey. Carefully customizing plans to cater your unique needs. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from holistic financial planning and investments to retirement and tax management. Whether you’re an individual aiming to secure your future or a business owner strategizing for the next phase, our dedicated team is here for you.

For Individuals

What We Offer

Holistic Financial Planning
Investments | Retirement Planning
Tax Planning | Insurance Planning
Estate Planning

For Businesses

What We Offer

401(k) Plans | 401(k) Succession Planning | Cash Balance Plans

For Trusted Alliances

What We Offer

Compensation for Partnerships
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How We Work

Personalized Planning

We believe that personalized financial planning is one of the keys to working towards your unique financial goals. Our process begins by assessing our compatibility with your needs and getting an understanding of your financial dreams. By adopting this approach, we gain a deeper understanding of your needs and provide you with the personalized guidance you require to achieve your unique financial goals.

Who We Help

Here For Every Unique Journey

Our expertise is tailored to serve a diverse clientele, including individuals, visionary business owners, esteemed directors, and skilled engineers of large companies. Whether you’re nearing retirement age or steering your business towards the future, we are dedicated to equipping you with innovative financial tools and strategies that elevate your path to unparalleled success.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Explore a collection of testimonials and gain valuable insights from the feedback shared by our clients, as they reflect on their experiences with our services.

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