Saving 10% of Your Income is No Longer Good Enough

In the current financial landscape, where traditional pension plans are becoming increasingly rare, saving 10% of your income is no longer sufficient for most people. Here’s why aiming for at least 15% is now more crucial than ever: 1. Decline of Pensions 2. Rising Life Expectancy 3. Inflation and Cost of Living 4. Uncertain Social […]

3 Tax Hurdles Every Retiree Should Know

Taxes are one of the most important things retirees can pay attention to. It is very important to make sure that your tax preparer or accountant is talking with your financial advisor. This article will go in depth on 3 pitfalls that can happen if you do not pay attention to your tax brackets as […]

Executive Stock Options

Congratulations if you are starting to receive stock options from your company! These plans are considered part of a company’s LTIP (Long-Term Incentive Plan). For most employees, these benefits can be realized 1-10 years out. You must stay gainfully employed and in some cases, meet some benchmarks to receive the benefits. We will discuss some […]

4 Ways to Leave a Legacy

Many clients come to us needing help for retirement and legacy planning. In this article, we will describe four ways to leave a legacy, and the pros and cons to each idea. Roth IRA Conversions A Roth IRA conversion is a great way to dedicate a certain amount of assets for certain beneficiaries. Many clients […]

Divide and Conquer

How Strategically Segmenting Your Client Base Can Fuel Company Growth It’s okay to play favorites. In fact, it’s advisable. If we take the time to step back and evaluate all of our client relationships, it becomes readily apparent that not all clients look alike. There are clients who bring us joy, and there are clients […]

What are “Safe Money” Strategies?

Investment Re-Allocations Worth Exploring Amid Market Volatility With inflation continuing to be an economic bugaboo and market volatility seeming to persist, at least in the short term (and for who knows how long), many investors are considering reallocating their investment portfolios to protect their wealth from threats and risk. We are recommending that many of […]

Full-service, Full-year, Client Relationships

How to Go from Seasonal Vendor to Trusted Partner As CPAs and accounting firms emerge from another tax-filing season, you can almost hear the collective sighs of relief. Another year over…time to catch up! With workloads abating and the slower summer season on the horizon, now is the perfect time to, not only return to […]

How Long Will Inflation Last?

The Drivers of Inflation, and What You Can Do About It Inflation is at its highest since 1982. And everyday it seems as though some new event comes along to make it worse, from issues related to post-pandemic recovery to world events that caught many by surprise. (If you’re interested in a broad overview of monetary […]

CPA Firm Succession Planning

Sell to a Company or Find the Heir-Apparent Within? More and more of my accountant colleagues are looking ahead. Regardless of their proximity to retirement, my friends, associates and trusted alliances are thinking ahead to retirement and making a similar calculus: Should I try to sell the firm to another accounting firm or find a successor in the […]