Our Journey is Your Journey

At 30,000 Ft. Wealth Management, we take pride in introducing you to our unique 30,000 Ft. advisory process – a comprehensive seven-meeting journey designed to empower both new and existing clients alike.

With unwavering care and attention, we aim to instill confidence in your financial plan and maintain a steadfast relationship between you and your dedicated advisor.

Who We Serve

Customized Financial Solutions

We offer a diverse range of financial solutions to empower you on your financial journey. Carefully customizing plans to cater your unique needs. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from holistic financial planning and investments to retirement and tax management. Whether you’re an individual aiming to secure your future or a business owner strategizing for the next phase, our dedicated team is here for you.

For Individuals

Holistic Financial Planning
Investments | Retirement Planning
Tax Planning | Insurance Planning
Estate Planning

For Businesses

401(k) Plans | 401(k) Succession Planning | Cash Balance Plans

For Trusted Alliances

Compensation for Partnerships

Your 7-Step Journey


The Personal Insight Meeting

Your journey begins with the personal insight meeting, where the relationship between advisor and you the client takes flight. During this 30 to 45-minute meeting, our main objective is to understand your goals, priorities, and values. This in-depth exploration allows us to determine if we are a perfect fit for you and your financial aspirations.


Blueprint Meeting

In the blueprint meeting, we review our values and goals conversation and gather essential facts to create a comprehensive picture of your financial portfolio. This crucial step equips us with important information to complete a blueprint fact finder, laying the groundwork for your financial plan.


Internal Analysis of Client Operations

In the following week, your advisor collaborates closely with our financial planning department. This internal analysis enables us to create accurate financial models and prepare planning options tailored to your unique needs. This sets the stage for our next meeting.


The Strategy Meeting

With a comprehensive analysis in hand, we gather for the strategy meeting, which typically lasts 90 minutes. Here, we present various planning options and engage in a collaborative discussion to identify the strategy that aligns best with your financial goals. We provide you with a clear visualization of each option’s cash flow implications, empowering you to make informed decisions.


Solutions Meeting

After ample time for review, we convene to discuss our recommendations. Together, we determine the investment strategy that will propel you towards achieving your financial dreams. This meeting generally lasts about one hour.


Implementation & Statement Reading Meeting

At this stage, we focus on completing all necessary paperwork to put your selected strategy into action. We establish online access for your accounts and thoroughly review your initial account statements, ensuring a smooth transition towards your financial goals.

Ground Level

Ongoing Partnership

As your relationship with us continues, we meet regularly throughout the year for standard of care meetings. During these sessions, we review your financial plan, ensuring it aligns with your evolving goals. Depending on the life stage you and your loved ones are in, discussion topics will vary. This commitment to care extends throughout your journey, before and through retirement.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Explore a collection of testimonials and gain valuable insights from the feedback shared by our clients, as they reflect on their experiences with our services.

25 Strategies to Minimize Taxes eBook

Tax Strategies to Win in Retirement

  1. When to turn on social security.
  2. Understand what is actually taxed.
  3. Timing your withdrawals in retirement.
  4. Charitable giving & how to do it strategically.
  5. Have a tax plan when the market goes down.
  6. Help you understand the federal tax brackets.
  7. How much of my inheritance do I get to keep.
  8. What accounts you want to have for retirement.
  9. Why & when to complete a Roth IRA conversion.
  10. Why ETFs & municipal bond funds should be considered in your portfolio.